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"The agriExperts Database fills a need by elevating the profile of experts with relevant contextual knowledge in agriculture and allied science"

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Publication is a crucial part of the research cycle.The number of times your work is cited is important as well because it can indicate the impact that your research has on the field ...

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Most Innovative Research Institutions, a list that identifies which organizations are doing the most advance science, pioneer new technologies to power humankind and industries. ...

Guide to submit journals ResearchXplore


ResearchXplore accepts the submissions, open access journals of all subjects, conference proceeding, books, thesis, etc.
Before you start the application process, you will be asked to log in or register. You will be able to save your progress and review all your answers before you submit them.

The type of journal that can apply

  • Open access journals published in any language may apply.
  • The journal must be actively publishing scholarly research in any research subject areas are accepted.
  • Journals must demonstrate a publishing history of more than one year.
  • The full text of all content must be available for free and open access without delay, No embargo period and requiring users to register to read content is not accepted. A charge for the print version of a journal is permitted

Journal website
  • The journal must have its own dedicated URL and homepage that is accessible from any location.
  • The website must be clear and easy to navigate
  • Each article must be available as an individual, full-text article
  • one unique URL per article, HTML or PDF format
The following information must be available online, and easily accessible from the journal homepage:
  • Open access policy
  • Aims and scope
  • Editorial board (including institutional affiliations of all members)
  • Instructions for authors
  • Editorial process (peer review)
  • Copyright terms
  • Author charges
    • If a journal doesn’t have any charges then this must be stated
    • Must include all fees that may be charged to the author, from submission to publication.
Contact details
  • The contact details must include a real name and the journal’s dedicated email address
  • The country in the application and on the journal website must be the country where the publisher is registered and carries out its business activities
    A journal must have at least one ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) which is registered and confirmed at issn.org.
  • The ISSN(s) must be displayed on the Journal website.
  • The name of the journal in the application and on the website must match what is shown at issn.org.
Quality control process
  • A journal must have an editor and an editorial board. The editorial board must be listed on the website. The name and affiliation of all editors and board members must be included.
  • All articles must pass through a quality control system (peer review) before publication. The type and details of the peer review process must be stated clearly on the website.
Application process
  • Your application is successfully submitted when you see a Thank You screen and receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive that email, contact us.
  • Your application will be reviewed by an editors. You may receive an email alerting you when this process has started.
  • The editor may need to contact you as part of the review process. Please answer any questions they send you. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email to confirm this.
Submit article PDF file to RX database
In case publishers did not have the dedicated website of journal and change the URL of articles frequently which will decrease the visibility of journals. ResearchXplore provides the options to such publishers to submit the pdf file of articles to RX database. And can embed the link to the journal website. Individual article pdf will be submitted by the publishers using researchxplore article pdf file submission system.
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