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Publication is a crucial part of the research cycle. To be an author means crossing the divide between your work in the lab and field, ......

For Publoshers


The today's challenges of publisher

The today's major chalanges of publisher can be viewed as:
  • Increase the visibility of publications
  • Accessibility to a global audience
  • Finding reviewer for peer-review of publications
  • Increase the citation of publications
  • Drive usage to your publications
The Solution

By being indexed in RESEARCH Xplore, your journal is visible to millions of users every day driving usage to your published articles.

Be Part of RESEARCH Xplore at Free of Cost

Any publisher, Scientific & Academic societies, institutions are publishing the journals, Conference proceedings, monographs, etc are invites to be a part of this exciting RESEARCH Xplore database at free of cost.
RESEARCH Xplore sign the agreement to provide online access to content (abstract and full text) of third party publisher on the free of cost. The publisher will retain the right to publish their content even in other online databases. If the publisher has the open access of publication RESEARCH Xplore will archive it in the database making it available via online searchable database for the purpose of research and education. RESEARCH Xplore also archive the content of recognized Conference proceedings/documents free of cost with the condition publisher has to provide PDF/MS word format of publication.

RESEARCH Xplore Publisher Partners

A few of our current publisher partners actively participating in RESEARCH Xplore include:
  • Society of Extension Education
  • Society for Rapeseed-Mustard Research
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August 1st, 2012
2012 sees the redesign of our website. Let us know what you think.....

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